How to Catapult your Career in 3 Simple Steps?

by Sonia Brown (United Kingdom)

Post pandemic, more women are looking to fast track their careers or exiting companies at an alarming rate, according to a recent study by McKinsey & Company.  Women are looking for careers that resonate with their values and beliefs.


The pandemic has forced women to reconsider their place in the workplace.  Professionals are no longer prepared to put up with toxic management, stress or burnout.  As well as amplifying their career goals, women want to work on their own terms!

‘Mid-life has always been an important time for women to address the important questions – who am I now, what do I want from the rest of my life, what is my legacy?’

Here are my three simple steps to help you catapult your career goals:-

  1. Gaining Clarity in Your Sector

Today, technology is rapidly disrupting the way organisations operate and will impact how people map their careers going forward. The rise in automation is eliminating masses of jobs which means women at all levels will need to both reskill and upskill.  More and more, women are expected to exhibit high-level leadership skills or they will be left behind in a rapidly changing employment market.

Change can seem daunting, but women have to be proactive about their career advancement or they may find themselves stuck in a purposeless job for life.  By learning how to maximise your efficiency you can dramatically increase your market impact and brand image.

  1. Having Your Own Career Cheerleader

Oftentimes, prioritising career success cannot be done alone if women want to optimise their opportunities.  Career growth has to be strategic, consistent and intentional.  It needs careful planning in order to elicit solutions to achieving their optimal career goals.  More importantly, women need to feel consistently motivated and empowered, especially if they face setbacks on their journey.

Tackling a major career change takes grit and it is highly recommended that women appoint a career coach to hold them responsible and accountable for their success.  Getting the right career coach will give them the support, help, and guidance to gather the right resources, plan strategically and execute their goals with more focus.  More importantly, a career coach will bring forward thinking techniques and strategies and help you to unlearn disempowering habits.

Source: iCN Issue 39  (Career Coaching); pages 30-31

Sonia BrownAbout Sonia Brown

Sonia Brown MBE is an award-winning DE&I advocate and business owner; marketing and branding specialist; speaker on the intersection of female business, politics and leadership issues.

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