How to Build a Focused and Highly Transferable Business Strategy

by Barbara Mutedzi (Indonesia)

Hello Business Owner and Leader

You are the visionary for your business. You are at the helm of your business. Without you at the helm, the business would not exist in the way that it does. Your role at the helm of this business is paramount. For you to be able to continue expanding within this helm, a lot of your attention should be focused here.

Now – for you to be able to focus at the helm, it is good to have and to know that your teams are moving forward efficiently and effectively within their different roles. You don’t want to find yourself leaving the helm to go and micro manage people. If you leave the helm, there will be no one guiding the ship that is your business. You are the captain. For higher performance, efficiency and effectiveness, a successful captain makes sure that his ship has all the components, resources, instructions and guidance it needs to fully function before we leave the port. Let’s break this down:

High performance: The most important thing that we are looking for, is high performance within our business. We rise and fall to the level of our systems and processes, so high performance should be reflected in both our people and the systems and processes they work with. If the systems and processes that our people are using are lacklustre, then it is going to be difficult for them to perform at higher standards. If our systems are top-notch, but our people performance is low, that does not serve anyone either.

Higher impact: When our people are on point and they are supported by the systems and processes that allow them to perform efficiently, effectively and at higher levels; we are able to have to higher impact for our customers and clientele, our suppliers and the community in which our businesses are in, our shareholders and investors and everyone else involved. Remember that everything is interconnected. Even in supposed isolation, we are influencing and being influenced by what and who is around us.

Higher return on investment: It goes without saying that where there is higher performance and higher impact, there is a higher return investment. These are the things that this article will focus on moving forward. People + Performance = Higher ROI. Let’s take a look at what a clear and focused business strategy involves, as this is the guiding tool that our people will use for them to excel in their respective roles. Clear and focused business strategies are easily transferable to all our people, departments and teams.

The business strategy: There are 5 main parts of any business strategy. That is your purpose, vision, mission, values and implementation plan. Here are questions to ask about your Purpose: what is the purpose of our business, why are we here and what is the reason for our existence? The Vision comes from the purpose. Ask yourself the question: In line with this purpose, what is our long term goal, that is, vision, in every area of our business?

Source: iCN Issue 42  (Business Coaching); pages 22 – 25

Barbara MutedziAbout Barbara Mutedzi

Barbara Mutedzi is a Conscious Leadership Coach trained in Neuroscience-based coaching (study of the mind and brain for higher performance; a course accredited by the International Coach Federation – ICF) with a background in Health and Community Psychology; Socio-cultural and Medical Anthropology. Running a boutique coaching practice, Barbara is a Transformational Speaker, Leader and Author; a Human catalyst, whose purpose is to help you identify, harness and control the power you have within, to live your full purpose. Specific to Business owners and Leaders, Barbara focuses on sharpening their Conscious leadership skills for higher performance, impact and profit on purpose. What all this means for you, is that she wants to see you succeed.

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