by Catriona Futter (UK)

Here’s a curious question – how is your soul? And when was the last time you stopped and paid attention to the state of your soul?

We are all too aware that we live in a fast-paced, constantly moving world, where technology allows us to be ‘on’ and available every hour of the day, should we so choose. Expectations – both internal and external, real and perceived – can propel us into seeking to achieve more, be more visible in our work, be successful. In Coaching for health, wellbeing, and life balance, we often focus on enabling clients to identify and live according to their values, to prioritise the important over the urgent, to make choices that facilitate authentic, fulfilled lives. But is there integrity in how we live our own lives, make our own choices?

Let me tell you my own paraphrase of a tale I came across recently. A Westerner, with a first world, 21st century mentality, was travelling through a distant land with native tribesmen on a work project. For several days, there was rapid progress, much distance covered, and many of the Westerner’s boxes were ticked – they were making good progress, goals were being achieved, it was busy and productive.

And then the tribesmen stopped. For no stated reason. And nothing happened. Nothing obvious was being done. The Westerner became frustrated with this lack of progress, this waste of time, this enforced waiting. His timetable was slipping and he was not meeting his agenda. Eventually, standing it no longer, he asked the reason for the delay. The answer stopped him short – ‘We had been moving too fast and had to wait for our souls to catch up.’

Source: iCN Issue 22  (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); pages 39-41

About Catriona Futter

Catriona is a Life Coach with special interests in life purpose, transitions, and Christian Life Coaching. She works mainly with women in their mid-life who are seeking to rediscover their identity and purpose, and live with greater self-belief and freedom. She speaks to groups of women on life balance, living free of comparisons, and gaining greater self-worth. She also offers team coaching to enable small teams to be re-envisioned and create action plans based on clear values and priorities. She is a Certified Biblical Life Coach, 2012, with the Life Breakthrough Academy



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