The IIC&M is one of the very few officially recognised
international Accreditation Bodies.

Accreditation Bodies are those that are legally recognised but autonomous of any government, professional, or trade body or association.  Accreditation Bodies set the standards in line with both industry and educational standards to confirm to the outside world that a Coach, Mentor, or Training Course or Workshop have an independently verified coaching or mentoring standard.  Whereas a Professional or Trade Body or Association are membership bodies that have been set-up by a group of professionals in that industry.

As an Accreditation Body the IIC&M (International Institute of Coaching and Mentoring) provides you, the qualified coach or mentor, with an international recognition of your standing in the coaching or mentoring professions.

Accreditation is your internationally recognised and approved standard/level of accomplishment which demonstrates your training, experience, and ability/competence as a coach or mentor.  There are four levels of accreditation which starts with a level allowing those who have just finished their training to get onto the accreditation ladder.

Professional is your internationally recognised and approved standard/level of competence in the world of coaching or mentoring.  The IIC&M have long recognised that CPD forms part of the accreditation process.  However, it also recognised that in developing skills and knowledge for accreditation, CPD was almost an inevitable aspect.  Therefore, how best to identify those coaches and mentors who, after accreditation, continued to develop their competence?  The answer was the introduction of the ‘Professional’ level for accredited coaches and mentors.  This recognises those individuals who continue to develop their professional capabilities for the benefit of their clients as well as themselves.

What is the benefit of achieving a ‘Professional’ status?  Achieving the ‘Professional’ status, demonstrates that individuals are not only an accredited coach or mentor, but critically that they value the importance of enhancing their knowledge, skills and ability to better serve their clients.  The ‘Professional’ status allows individuals to demonstrate their professional commitment to their own career, and goes beyond accreditation and establishes a level of ongoing professional competence.

How do you get onto the ladder and take the first step to your Professional status?  It’s simple:

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About the IIC&M

The IIC&M is the preferred independent and not-for-profit officially recognised accreditation body for Professional and Accredited Coaches and Mentors, Accredited Courses and Workshops, coaching or mentoring students, and for clients to select their professional coach and/or mentor; and is dedicated to promoting best practice, supporting their members, while raising the awareness and standards of coaching worldwide.

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