Maria Biquet (Greece)

As a Coach I work with high level Executives and Entrepreneurs in developing their skills, abilities and behaviours to match the complex requirements of their roles.

Developing a person is a highly demanding and very revealing process for both the Coach and the Coachee.

People that take up leadership roles usually have a track record of successes in their previous positions either in the ‘functional’ part of the role or in the ‘social’ part of it. For example, the best engineer could be promoted to Head of Operations because he knows every detail of the systems and can solve all sorts of technical problems; an excellent communicator could become the Head of Sales because he can motivate his staff and speed up results in sales. In most cases, both aim at becoming the CEO of the company in the next step of their career.

People who get promoted to Leadership roles combine both sets of skills “technical and people skills” at different levels.

The Leader the Role and the Culture

When we have to work with a person to develop their Leadership skills we first need to understand their role; what does the specific role require?

It is not always the same. The requirements of a specific Leadership role depend on the system (the Organisation) that he/she has to manage and lead.

Source: iCN Issue 27  (Using NLP in Coaching); pages 27-30

About Maria Biquet

Maria Biquet is an experienced multilingual Business Consultant and Executive Coach with vast experience from diverse business fields. Maria has long experience in Strategic Marketing and in establishing companies in new markets.

For more than 20 years she has studied various methodologies for self development and change, including Neuroscience in Coaching, Systemic approach, Appreciative Inquiry Approach, NLP and mindfulness techniques. She holds a University degree in Language & Linguistics and an MBA-International Marketing.

Vice President of Marketing & Communications of HCA (Hellenic Coaching Association), member of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council). Currently is a Mentor at Orange Grove for startup companies and Cherie Blair Foundation.

Works in Greek, English and French.

Email:, Tel.: +30 6944 889526