How Big Thinking Can Grow Your Business

by Anne Bachrach (USA)

Do you surround yourself with dream squashers or are you surrounded by individuals who listen to your dreams for your business and urge you to pursue them? Do you think big for your business? Or do you look at where your business stands today and think, ‘this is good enough’ or ‘what if I try something new and it upsets the successes I have attained?’ Do you give yourself enough credit to allow yourself to dream big?

Remember, not every big dream has to come to fruition of a ‘mission accomplished.’ But, every big dream may have a kernel of an action step that will help you think outside the proverbial box and could potentially spark a new idea to do something you’re currently doing better, faster, or at a higher level of income producing effect?

How Can Big Thinking Grow Your Business?

Take a moment and ask yourself: What is your dream for your business? Do you want to be the next Amazon or Uber? Do you want to be the biggest XYZ firm in your city or part of the country? Are you looking to take your business nationwide or worldwide?

Do you even allow yourself to have those big dreams? Many business owners, when asked, ‘What is the big dream for your business this year’ will say:

  1. I would like to bring in an additional $1,000 a month.
  2. I would like to grow by 10% in clients and income.
  3. Would like to outsource some of my tasks.
  4. I will be happy to maintain the status quo.
  5. I had not even thought of a big dream… I’m just trying to maintain my current level.

This is what I call ‘expectation’ thinking. You expect to stay where you are and that thinking leads to you getting exactly what you expected. What if you allowed yourself the audacity to say, ‘I would like to grow my income by $5,000 a month’ or ‘I want to exceed last year’s sales by 50%’.

What’s stopping you?

Is it because you are afraid to think big? What do you think would have happened if Henry Ford hadn’t thought big? Would we have had automobiles? Every successful business started out as a small idea that was pushed to higher levels by an entrepreneur who thought big.

Source: iCN Issue 35  (Business Coaching: Building your Organisation); pages 9-11

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