by Boris Pavlov (Canada)

I define myself as a holistic coach. That’s what it says on my business card, my website, all the social media I use. When I began my training as a life and executive coach, I thought that it would be enough to get my diploma and fly into the world helping people solve their problems in life and making the world a better place.

Near the end of my studies came a disturbing awakening. My fellow students and I were told that it is highly recommended to choose a niche to focus on as coaches. I was very disappointed by this and didn’t care to listen to the marketing logic of having a niche and branding my coaching practice. I believed that every coach should be able to tackle every life issue a client presents in session just like a real-life superhero.

Feeling somewhat disillusioned and disappointed for several days, after my ego tantrum was over, I sat down and dived into several weeks of soul-searching introspection. I emerged with the inspiration I was looking for – my niche was going to be holistic coaching.

Although most coaches are trained not to use the question ‘why’, but let’s pretend for a moment that you never heard of that rule, and feel free to ask me ‘Boris, why on earth would you become a holistic coach? Is not there more money in Corporate and Business coaching? What is holistic coaching anyway?’

Let me get one thing straight right away. In my humble opinion, you don’t choose your coaching niche – it chooses you. It is like a calling that comes from within and it has nothing with being rational and making logical choices. If you want powerful coaching energy to flow from you (yes, like the Force, but let’s call it the Coaching Force), then the niche must choose you.

Source: iCN Issue 33  (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); pages 16-18

About Boris Pavlov

Boris Pavlov has been involved in personal development and spiritual growth since the mid-80s. Teaching workshops and seminars on getting in touch with one’s core self, Boris’s goal is for people to find their higher self, and live life from this perspective.

Boris joined Noble Manhattan Coaching in 2017 beginning training in life and executive coaching. He graduated with honours in 2019 and now he works as a holistic coach.

His message is that life is a learning hall in which our challenge is to be the highest version of ourselves.