Holistic Coaching Begins with Inner Communication

by Gary Gasaway (USA)

To approach a holistic life begins with the wholeness of mind along with emotions to complete self internally. So, when working with clients that want to create a better holistic self-relationship, I begin with coaching their inner communication with themselves. It is without this link of communication internally that the client will most likely struggle regarding a complete understanding of self which connects with the outside world.

It is this inner communication that acts as emotional responses that happen to us and more importantly, within us. What the client must realise is that communicating is not always with another person and it too needs to be within them as an individual in finding a better connection to self. This inner communication is our soul talking to us. Yet another way to understand this inner communication is that it’s our total being speaking to us as this is an internal activity of a deep sense of self.

It all begins with questions they must ask themselves. For example, questions like: ‘What makes me feel wholeness within?’ followed by ‘How do I improve this wholeness once I discover it?’ I further explain to the client that this search for certain questions in their life can be complicated and intimidating. Why not look at it from another vantage point – ask their heart. Your heart is where all the answers lie. This is the most important inner communication you can have with yourself. Yes. It is your heart that helps link your mind and emotions to become whole internally.

These answers play a key role as you respond to life. In fact, the answers you discover will help guide and direct your life. It’s unfortunate that many will turn to their mind and generally rely on those answers in a logical sense – unfortunately, we are only limited as to what we make of them. Let me explain. Many times, using only our thoughts, we become stuck, and we then tend to overanalyse our lives. By overanalysing or overthinking our lives will only lead to more confusion and complication. When we ask our hearts, we then use emotional connection to learn better ways to respond to our experiences and improve our livesby finding improved wholeness within ourselves.

How about when we are faced with difficulties? When things get difficult in life, we tend to respond by overthinking things, therefore making it also more difficult to manage even the easiest of daily tasks. Why not just simply ask your heart? Asking your heart is just another way of responding with self-talk. In striving for a more holistic life, one must always speak positively about themselves. This is also being extra careful never to respond with anything about ourselves that we do not want to manifest. Further, we never want to criticise or put ourselves down. Why? Because these negative thoughts will create unhealthy feelings, responding with negative actions.

When you respond positively to yourself about yourself, these words are soon then accepted by your subconscious thoughts as natural daily use. It comes down to thinking about what you’re thinking about. Creating this natural habit of positive thinking, your feelings then change to positive, and your body language as well. A holistic life is one that you create. Speak to yourself in an intentional, positive way you want to be, not responding in a negative accidental way.

Source: iCN Issue 44  (Marketing for Coaches); pages 23-25

About Gary Gasaway

Gary is a practicing life coach that provides individuals and couples with coaching needs concerning life’s difficulties in the areas of career decisions, dealing with stress, developing positive habits, and improving relationships. When not coaching, Gary dedicates his time to family, friends, and of course – writing.

Gary has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organisational Management and a Master of Science in Leadership and Management from the University of La Verne and is a member of Alpha Chi, National College Honors Society. In addition, Gary has earned the professional designation of a Certified Coach from the Coach Training Alliance.

Gary also has written and published six books: The Coach’s Chronicles Trilogy, The Reflection Connection – Reflecting and Connecting to Life’s Experiences, A Simple Life – Living Less Complicated, and Beyond Reflecting – Actions Lead to Personal Potential. For additional information regarding Gary and his books, send an email to: coachgaryg@gmail.com