By Elena Constantinidou (United Kingdom)

To some, Holistic Coaching would come across as woo woo. What does holistic mean anyway? Some would approach it with cynicism.

Is it wise to try and conceptualise coaching in all of its spectrum and glory? How can one understand how it feels if they don’t have the experience? How can one know the juiciness and taste of an apple if they never tasted it before?

Is there really a distinction between coaching in its different labels and focus?

In my simplistic understanding, coaching is simply coaching, regardless of how one calls it, how one approaches it, what tools the coach is using.

Source: iCN Issue 13 (Wellness & Holistic Coaching); pages 34-36

About Elena Constantinidou

Managing Director of Holistic LIFE Alchemy. Elena works with people who are serious about their transformation. She supports and empowers Luminaries and High Caliber people through various means and tools, enabling themselves to tap into the field of infinite possibilities and let their true potential flourish and expand, restoring harmony and balance on all levels and bringing joy and happiness into their lives.

Her background in the Corporate world of management and Human Resources, and her education in Coaching, accompanied with the immersion in esoteric and spiritual teachings, practices and philosophies, complemented with Personal Development work, the study of Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Consciousness and Quantum Physics, have contributed in the emergence of a fusion style approach encompassing all aspects of our being (body, mind, spirit), a holistic approach to blissful living, personal growth and expansion.