by Maria Biquet (Greece)

Practising Coaching for years and reaching a point of maturity I have come to some observations and conclusions about what we really do when we work with people in a coaching process.

Quality is the key issue for such an ‘easy to entry’ job and this is what I believe differentiates excellent professional coaches to good and average coaches.

The 8 Essential Components of High-Quality Coaching

From my experience in working initially as an Executive and later as a Coach with Banks, multinational companies and non-profit organisations, I have concluded that there are 8 essential components of High Quality that can be split across four quality levels:

  1. Interest in people (Pre-requisite)
  2. Technical Process Knowledge (Basic level)
  3. Professional Experience (Basic level)
  4. High Intelligence (IQ) (Advanced Level)
  5. Multidisciplinary knowledge and cultivation (Advanced Level)
  6. Emotional maturity (High Quality Level)
  7. High ethical standards (High Quality Level)
  8. Higher purpose linked to others and society (Excellence)

Basic Level

This is the entry-level of what we use to quickly assess via simple observations of what’s expected of a Coach.

The Essential Prerequisite For a Coach is Interest in People

How else can we do a job that focusses on people and their needs? How can we imagine and ask the right questions that will lead to a breakthrough in the Client’s thinking? And how will we be able to support them through the hard process of change if we are not truly interested in them and engaged in the process of developing them while protecting them from triggering their trauma?

Source: iCN Issue 34  (Leadership Coaching); pages 42-45

About Maria Biquet

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Maria Biquet is an experienced Business Consultant and Executive Coach with vast experience from diverse business fields. She has worked with senior executives from different countries in the private sector, the public sector and international NGO’s. In the last 25 years she has worked for multinational companies in strategic marketing positions and led start – up projects for setting up new companies. She brings knowledge of diverse business sectors such as Telecommunications, Automotive, Retail Financing, Insurance, Banking and Consulting.

Maria holds an MBA-International Marketing from Sunderland University – UK, a BA in Literature and Linguistics from the University of Athens – GR and a Diploma in Coaching from the Coaching Institute – UK, and has an advanced certification as neuro-coach by NeuroBusinessGroup in the USA and a Certified Master Coach by the CAC (Centre for Advanced Coaching) in the USA.

EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner Coach, VP Marketing Communications of HCA/EMCC Greece since Jan 2018 and Senior Researcher on Ethics in EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council) since 2018. Author in ‘The Good Coach’ Professional Coaching blog since 2017.