By Irene Tubbs (United Kingdom)

This article reviews the evolving discipline of health & wellbeing coaching, its purpose and relevance as ‘core’ and ‘enhanced learning skills’ useable within all coaching fields, but most importantly its ‘lynch-pin’ connection with current ‘medical’, ‘therapeutic’ and ‘health training’ models. 

Given the plethora of health provision already available why is a Health & Wellbeing model needed?

As part of a brief to research the benefits of health & wellbeing coaching as a proactive platform to work with individuals on health promoting strategies, I spent two years researching the health practices of the nation. Outcomes delivered in an article written for IHPE journal in 2004 (1). Research published in my Health & Wellbeing book, annually updated as on-going research adds new insight. For example:

  1. On the positive side a person’s health has always been the most thought about, talked about and feared element of being human. A preoccupation initially developed as primates due to climatic and environmental change necessitating adaptability in order to survive. Regurgitating and heightening this skill of adaptability is core to Health & Wellbeing Coaching.

Source: iCN Issue 9 (Sales Coaching); pages 28-31

About Irene Tubbs

Irene Tubbs  optimum wellbeing founder, primary course developer and author, has been practicing as a Teacher; Life, Performance; Resilience; Executive; Career; Exercise; Relaxation; Stress; Psychological and Health & Wellbeing Coach for over 30 years. Association of Coaching founder member & recognised trainer; senior accredited with BACP, accredited with BABCP, Honorary Fellow & senior accredited therapist & accredited coach with AREBT; Organisational member of IHPE

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