by Diego Moretti (Italy)

Being happy. You can be happy. Everyone must be happy. How many times did we hear those sentences and still it looks like everyone is always happier than us. But this is not true. Or actually, is partially true. What do the other people have that we don’t? How is that everyone always seems so happy and we are not?

The first thing we should always ask ourselves is: What makes me happy? What is my calling? What is the purpose of my life in this world?

Without this kind of knowledge is impossible to know what makes us happy, therefore it makes it impossible for us to be happy. The point is: Did we ask ourselves hard enough? Did we find the answer?

Many people think that they can be happy with money, cars, properties, material benefits. In my life experience I have seen very rich people being extremely unhappy and very poor people being the happiest in the world. So, where does happiness lay? My answer is that one can be happy in So Many Ways is difficult to count. The answer lies in values.

(Photo by Gian Cescon on Unsplash)

Source: iCN Issue 24 (Relationship Coaching); page 48

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