By Deborah Brown-Volkman (USA)

Self-Discovery, big words that mean different things to different people. The common denominator is clients wanting to know themselves better. And, when they do, they can choose a career that brings them fulfilment and satisfaction.

What assists career coaching clients through the self-discovery process is an understanding of who they are and what value they bring to employers. How we simplify this process as career coaches is by helping clients identify their strengths, weaknesses, talents, and skills. This information is useful whether they choose to stay in their current industry/profession or move to a new one.

Important note: strengths, weaknesses, and talents are inherent. It’s what clients were born with, and in many cases, meant to do. Skills are not inherent; they are learned either through education or experience.

Career Coaching is perfect when it comes to bringing out clients’ strengths, weaknesses, talents, and skills because the foundation of coaching is the answer is within the client. We are just the facilitators.

Source: iCN Issue 18  (Career Coaching); pages 28-29

About Deborah Brown-Volkman

Deborah Brown-Volkman is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC), career expert, and President of, a successful career, life, wellness, and mentor coaching company. Deborah provides Career Coaching for those who want a new job, new career, new way to flourish in today’s hectic workplace, or new way to perform their best at work. Deborah is the author of several books including: “Coach Yourself To A New Career”, “Don’t Blow It! The Right Words For The Right Job”, “How To Feel Great At Work Every Day”, and “Four Steps To Building A Profitable Coaching Practice”, the first marketing book written by a coach for coaches. In addition to running her own coaching company, Deborah is an adjunct professor for Coach Training Alliance where she leads a career coaching introductory and certification program for coaches.