Growing Your Coaching Business:

The Effective Use of Discipline, Patience, & Commitment

by Gary Gasaway (USA)

I have helped many new life coaches; whether it’s mentoring them in setting up their business or acquiring clients (sometimes both.) When I mentor new coaches, I consider my own experience of over 10 years as a professional life coach, as well as a business owner, and integrate that valuable experience into a program of what I refer to as the: Business Dream Model.

With the fact that many of these new coaches have some education and knowledge regarding implementing a new business, I can then focus on what components of those businesses need enhancing to be successful. The Business Dream Model program I developed is four-weeks in duration that consists of two-hour sessions each week discussing what each new coach needs to complete to get their businesses off the ground. These weekly sessions are arranged for collecting information, new insights, and feedback concerning their new business. The sessions are filled with seeking ideas and agreeing upon actions that the new coach will complete before the next session. Week One is focused upon the foundation of the business – focusing on their niche market, choosing branding, and registering the name of the business. Week Two is focused upon the new business structure (Sole Proprietorship, S Corporation, Limited Liability Company) and website (design, content, images.) Week Three is focused on marketing, identifying possible clients, and getting referrals. Then lastly, Week Four is focused upon setting up the home office, accounting, and recordkeeping.

I find this Business Dream Model to be highly effective in assisting new life coaches establish and operate their businesses. But I would have to say that most new coaches need additional help in seeking and securing clients. In other words, they may have a unique business name, great branding, and even a wonderful website, but without clients, there is not much success in their businesses. What’s missing? The effective use of three qualities to be more successful.

I primarily focus on three distinct qualities; to not only identify possible new leads but securing them as well. Those effective qualities are discipline, patience, and commitment.


The choice of discipline is one regarding the habits of conforming in focusing upon growing a new business. The fact remains, you will never grow your coaching business without choosing to act upon something concerning that business daily. Those actions are initiated by producing significant efforts and developing strong habits – and that takes daily discipline.

Discipline means if there is a gap between where you want to be in your coaching business and where you are today, then you need to fill that gap. Think about that for a moment. Where you want to be and where you are today regarding your new business is all about when you want to get started filling that gap. You fill the gap by delivering effective actions. It’s these actions that build you up with an attitude of belief in yourself. This is choosing to give effort not just for a day, but on a consistent basis regarding the actions you want to implement toward your new business.

Source: iCN Issue 42  (Business Coaching); pages 26 – 28

About Gary Gasaway

Gary is a practicing life coach that provides individuals and couples with coaching needs concerning life’s difficulties in the areas of career decisions, dealing with stress, developing positive habits, and improving relationships. When not coaching, Gary dedicates his time to family, friends, and of course – writing.

Gary has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Management and a Master of Science in Leadership and Management from the University of La Verne and is a member of Alpha Chi, National College Honors Society. In addition, Gary has earned the professional designation of a Certified Coach from the Coach Training Alliance.

Gary also has written and published six books: The Coach’s Chronicles Trilogy, The Reflection Connection – Reflecting and Connecting to Life’s Experiences, A Simple Life – Living Less Complicated, and Beyond Reflecting – Actions Lead to Personal Potential. For additional information regarding Gary and his books, send an email to: