By Neli Petkova (Germany)

Everyone has talents. And everyone is more talented than expected. Are we born with talents or do we develop them throughout our life? People are naturally talented in many aspects, but they do not believe in themselves or they have never been in a situation to feel that they are talented at something.

Talents are naturally developed when they are nurtured. Living a life with core values and supporting the things, which are important for us, will give us the possibility to feel our aptitudes in a more effective way. When we are true to ourselves, we discover more than we expect.

Source: iCN Issue 8 (Career Coaching); pages 31-32

About Neli Petkova

Neli Petkova, DipNMC

Neli is a Life and Executive Coach with 8 years of international experience in Recruitment/HR and Life Sciences. and is a PhD candidate.

Neli is passionate about developing people’s talents, increasing creativity and innovative thinking. The topics she works on are: Talent development, Creativity and Innovative Thinking, Motivation, Intercultural communication, Soft Skills, Career Shift & Career Development, Health and Wellness Coaching. Focusing on different aspects of talent growth and development, Talent Coaching helps to grow from inside out and live a passionate life.