by Cristina Nicoleta Burca (Romania)

Don’t let procrastination or lack of commitment, drive the performance of your team and company. GROW and LIFT your team and thus, your organisation will grow naturally. Team coaching has developed in Romania since 2006 and since then spread massively among companies. However, there are still managers who might consider team coaching conversation as “wide and broad” rather than the deep dive of an individual coaching conversation.

But is it truly like this?

Let’s test the reality, with Dr. Mihaela Stroe, team coach, author and sociologist, based in Romania, with clients all over the world.

Hello Mihaela and thank you for your time and answers to the questions below! Your feedback would highly benefit our international readers!

  1. What is team coaching and how did it evolve throughout time in Romania?

Peer-coaching groups or team coaching includes a highly focused group of people (from 6 up to maximum 10/12) from the same organisation.

Source: iCN Issue 19  (Group Dynamics: Team Coaching); pages 23-26

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Cristina has contributed to the iCN magazine since 2014, by interviewing coaches around the world to shed a light in this fascinating personal and professional development field. Cristina worked as a journalist in Romania (2006-2008) and then moved to Brussels to work in EU affairs. After an international journey in PR, taking her from Germany to Malaysia, she is now working with a EU agency based in Poland.