International Coaching News (iCN) online magazine is delighted to announce the release of its 23rd edition with the theme on Coaching Tools, Tips & Techniques. For this edition, we were inspired by coaches to guide coachees to create insight in oneself, define one’s goals, generate new solutions and/or overcome inner and outer obstacles.

This edition is filled with interesting power tools toward greater well-being. It focuses solely on coaching tools, tips & techniques used by seasoned coaches, to aid you in your coaching profession.

In this 23rd edition, look out for the article ‘Why Some Coaches Almost Always Get Their Clients the Desired Results’ by Peter Thomson from United Kingdom. In this article, Peter discusses his Six – seemingly simple questions that can be used for any situation in life – from goal setting (and achieving) to sales, writing powerful, persuasive and passionate copy – to getting fitter or climbing Mount Everest. Another noteworthy article ‘Take Control of Your Discovery Call and Convert More Prospects to Paying Clients’ by Glen Oliveiro from Singapore. This article will guide you through every step of your discovery call so you can help fulfil your client’s objectives. For our Book Review Section we have ‘Coaching In Three Dimensions – Meeting the Challenges of a Complex World’ review done by iCN Journalist from UK Malcolm Nicholson. The book written by Paul Lawrence & Allen Moore, pushed the boundaries of accepted wisdom around what coaching is, encouraging creativity and new approaches. Another article to look out for ‘The Wheel of Life’ by Ashley Gordon & Brian Tregunna. Ashley and Brian explain about the importance of having a broad range of coaching skills and the tool they often use to help new clients prioritise their needs. Each of our columnists, too numerous to mention, has taken some really interesting perspectives, and I would encourage a thorough read-through of this edition.

Just like all our other editions, this edition is not just an interesting read, but it provides you with helpful coaching tools, personal development ideas and professional development techniques to grow your business and improves lifestyle.

To download, please register on the website and click MAGAZINE.  You will be prompted to fill up your information then it will directly take you to the download page.

I hope you enjoy this issue and do let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered in the future.