Executive Coaching for Career Enhancement of Senior MBA Awarded Managers

by Sylvia Pavlova (Bulgaria)

Wheeling the clock back 6 years ago, it came to pass during one of the coffee breaks between lectures. There circulated in the air small talks among people whom I met for the first, and may be the last, time. Typically, we were shifting subjects all too quickly. So there we were happening to look into the effect that MBA program had produced. The lady I was in talk with – an OUB official, was stating quotes referring to the data delivered by the regular research run amidst MBA students. One of whom, myself actually. Speaking of which, this subject stirred extremely high interest.  That said, my high interest scaled up into an astonishment given the outcome. The majority of the OUBS students, 95% of whom senior managers, undertake an about-turn in both their career path and personal life, still in the course of their studies!

That was the bottom line of the research. Moreover, this fact has been there to keep with us for all these years!

It is most sure to keep on this very track, given that the MBA education is one of those particular steps in life which are undertaken only TO bring about a real change in one’s life.  Notably, that change is the MBA credo. The specific shapes and colours that change is going to assume is a personal matter to trigger a very personal response.

Source: iCN Issue 20 (Executive Coaching); pages 48-50

About Sylvia Pavlova MBA CMC Assoc CIPD

Sylvia Pavlova graduated the international MBA program with OUBS, UK, 4 years ago. The program stands amidst the 1 % top MBA programs in terms of accreditation worldwide. For the last year of her studies, Sylvia got acknowledged by her colleagues as one of the five most influential MBA students in OUBS. Immediately after her graduation, Sylvia has been chosen to accede the 42 MBA international mentors and executive coaches with the university. She has acted as the executive coach of senior MBA managers from OUBS, Henley Business School , University of Leicester, Bocconi.

Since 2017, she has been an international Certified Management Consultant in Business Development and Operational Effectiveness. She is a managing shareholder on the start-up SP Business Lab . She is responsible for the international development of a technological start-up established in Bulgaria.