By Viktoria Soos (Hungary)

It all began with a nasty break-up…

Life has its suprises, that is for sure. I have never thought of becoming a dating coach until a nasty break-up and the painful recovery afterwards. When I was trying to get better by buying all kinds of self-help books, watching Youtube meditation videos and chatting on support forums, I realized it is hard to find real help. I was fed up with the ready-made pieces of advice and the Cosmo-wisdoms and badly needed help tailored exactly to my needs. I did not know back then that this kind of help is called coaching. When I recovered, I found my mission: to help others to heal faster and find love.

Fast-forward a couple of years and here I am as an accredited life coach specialized on dating issues with a lively website and online community for singles, dating workshops and trainings, self-awareness summer camps, conferences and a newly-written book with the title translating to “This is why you are single“.

Source: iCN Issue 3 (Life Coaching); pages 58-59

About Viki Soos

Viki Soos, with more than 50000 subscribers to her online dating lessons, tips and articles is one of Hungary’s first and favorite dating coaches. Implementing coaching methodology and tools in dating, besides individual coaching she has designed online and offline trainings, has organized conferences and has held summer boot-camps for those who are looking for love. Based on her experiences as a dating coach and as the expert advisor of the biggest online dating site in Hungary, she has written the book “Get over it – the four things keeping you single”. As the book includes lots of self awareness raising exercises and tasks for singles, it is considered to be a useful handbook for all life coaches who want to enrich their coaching toolkit when working on the area of dating and relationships.