By Carmen Moraru – iCN Journalist (Romania)

(An Interview with Robert Burcea)

I had the chance to meet Robert Burcea, who is responsible for various coaching, personal and business development events and conferences not only in Romania but also all over Europe. He is the founder of International Concept “Robert Burcea & Friends”. The concept is based on directing people’s mentality towards their own fulfilment, towards discovering and following their passion.

Carmen Moraru (CM): Can you tell us more about “From Thought to Result” which is now in its second edition?

Robert Burcea (RB): After the pilot edition, which was held in Romania’s Capital, Bucharest, next is the inaugural edition in Cluj, where the special guest will be Paul Martinelli, brought here especially by Sorin Popa, who is the founder of John Maxwell Team Romania.

Source: iCN Issue 8 (Career Coaching); pages 43-47