By Daniele de Winter (Monaco)

Remember how fantastically your brain worked as a child? Well the good news is that eating certain foods can boost our IQ at any age.

Our brain is an extremely sensitive processor composed of billions of nerve endings that communicate with each other through electrical impulses. All that communication uses a lot of oxygen – while the brain represents only 2% of our body weight, it consumes 20% of total body oxygen and 25% of total body energy. So you can imagine that a high performance brain needs a good diet. Here’s how to get one :


Antioxidants protect brain cells from oxidation (‘premature death’). Some of the best are found in berries : blueberries, raspberries, etc, either fresh or frozen, are rich in polyphenols to protect our brain cells and improve our ability to learn.

Source: iCN Issue 3 (Life Coaching); pages 47-48


About Daniele de Winter

Daniele de Winter wrote her first book, “What the doctor ordered” at the age of 15. Her 2nd book, “Eat Yourself Beautiful” was published a few years later and became an international bestseller.

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