Avra Lyraki & Evan Fotis Georgoulakis (Greece)

Ever wished you could instantly “read “people’s intentions or even their personality? Ever wondered how your nonverbal signals are perceived by your peers, family, friends, and even your partner? Ever thought how you can influence people around you by applying your peak strengths in your personal communication style?

Those questions can be answered easily through the application of an innovative methodology established by Avra Lyraki (Ph.D) & Evan Fotis Georgoulakis (Physiognomist), which combines the fields of Morpho-Psychology with Communications Coaching in order to assess and reinforce ones Personality Strengths, enhancing their personal communication and thus their influence.

The pillars of this methodology consists of the principles of Physiognomy and the principles of Coaching and Positive Psychology, according to which the powerful features of one’s personality – external and internal – motivate them to achieve the desired results though their communication. In his book “Managing Oneself”, Peter F. Drucker expounds how you can achieve true and lasting excellence by operating from a combination of your strengths and self-knowledge.

Source: iCN Issue 10 (Business Coaching); pages 61-63

Co – Authors:

Avra Lyraki (Ph.D)

Corporate Communications’ Coach (ACC), Mentor (IPPA) & Speaker;

VIA Personal Strengths & NLP Master Practitioner; Life Self Coaching Institute, Founder


Evan Fotis Georgoulakis

Character Assessment, Personal Communication