Enter the Mentoring Coach

by Gary R. Gasaway (USA)

What is a Mentoring Coach?

A mentoring coach has an individual perspective that provides both insight and perspective in aligning an individual’s developmental goals with those of the organisation. The mentoring coach has a horizontal/systemic perspective; which in turn, creates a direct avenue that matches the flow of business across several different functions.

One of the most valuable characteristics of the mentoring coach is that he or she provides an external mirror: models effective two-way communication and feedback to improve the performance of the potential leader. The mentoring coach also provides effective feedback on an on-going basis, so that the potential leader knows how he or she is performing in relation to goals and objectives.

Then lastly, the mentoring coach fosters self-insight. This personal insight helps the potential leader grow through introspection and feedback from not only the mentoring coach, but from others as well. By fostering insight, it is more concerned with helping the potential leader’s take charge of his or her own growth. This action then also fosters accountability regarding personal growth in that the mentee is successful at learning and becoming a more effective leader.

Source: iCN Issue 20 (Executive Coaching); pages 12-14

About Gary R. Gasaway

Gary R. Gasaway is an author, keynote speaker, trainer, and a certified professional life coach.

As a retired manager from Southern California Edison, Gary used his natural talent for coaching and became a “corporate coach.” He has previously published: The Coach’s Chronicles – A Journey Through Life’s Trials and Triumphs and The Coach’s Chronicles II – It’s Your Story! Start Writing it! Gary’s third book: The Coach’s Chronicles III – Everything Matters, will be released in the fall of 2017.

Gary has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organisational Management and a Master of Science in Leadership and Management. Gary is the founder and owner of Conflict Coaching Solutions, LLC