By: Kasia Wezowski (Belgium)

Did you ever ask your employees, “Does your work measure up to your passions? Does your work inspire you? Do you get support from your boss, which can positively motivate you? Is your motivation caused by financial rewards or other external factors, or rather do you wake up every day in the morning with joy that you’re going to work? How effectively are you spending your working day? How much of what you do makes you happy?”

These would be some of the very first questions a good Executive Coach would ask his employees if he would like to improve their effectiveness and inspire them to give more of themselves. That’s why we are also producing the world’s first full feature documentary about coaching: to show how coaching benefits productivity in companies.

The number of thoughts that cross our minds daily are around 60,000, and 95% of them are the same every day. Have you ever wondered how many of these thoughts work for you positively and stimulate a positive mood, and how many upset you? Now think about how these thoughts affect your work. How often do you increase the level of stress that you experience?

Source: iCN Issue 11 (Executive Coaching); pages 20-22

About Kasia Wezowski

Kasia Wezowski is the world’s leading Body Language Expert for Business. She has over 10 years experience as a Business Coach, and she specializes in executive coaching, body language expertise and change management. She is the creator of more than 30 methods for Stress Management, Emotional Consciousness and Leadership Development. Best Selling Author of “The Micro Expressions Book for Business”, Keynote Speaker and an Executive Coach for Top Sales Professionals and Leaders