Why leaders need Executive Coaching and how will it benefit them?

by Nadia Themis – iCN Journalist (Cyprus)

We all go through immense changes in our work and personal lives all the time. Think of yourself where you were two years back and observe yourself today. Your reaction is probably, Oh my! Lots have changed, you have changed and you are most likely gone through various shifts and realizations about yourself. People in leadership positions go through the same motions and notions like you and I. I had the chance to interview Eleni Demosthenous, founder and Executive Coach of REFLECT.

NT: What about Leadership Development today?  What are the issues?

ED: People who take on the responsibility to lead others are usually in the spotlight of their organizations. Everyone expects them to have the answers, provide direction, manage a crisis, empower others to lead, have a clear vision for the future, set up systems and do all of that with courage and integrity. The truth of the matter is that people in leadership positions do not possess the experience or the competency framework of these expectations from before they were given the opportunity.

That’s why so much energy and resources go into leadership development programs as good investment for outstanding business results. The issue with leadership development is that most CEO’s have a challenging time to translate knowledge into experience and practical execution of concepts. Leadership development programs are short-lived and the impact of the material and the experience can be easily forgotten. As a result of ineffective leadership 38% of CEO’s leave their role within the first 18 months, as reported by the Centre for Creative Leadership.

Source: iCN Issue 20 (Executive Coaching); pages 52-54