by Cristina Palma – iCN Journalist (France)

Interview with Tony Mayo (USA), Aboodi Shabi (UK), and Magda Niculescu (Romania)

Tony Mayo (USA), Aboodi Shabi (UK) and Magda Niculescu (Romania) are three experienced executive coaches with three ways of seeing the world, but they all agree on one thing, there is a  new context in the world where coaching is developing, especially in a corporate sector facing all the challenges of the 21st century.

Does coaching in different cultural contexts vary from one place to another? What are the considerations to keep in mind when coaching in the global context? And what are the benefits of  Executive Coaching? These are some of the topics we discussed with Tony, Aboodi and Magda, who themselves come from diverse cultural paradigms, not only geographically but in the way they are applying their coaching in the corporate world.

Whether   you   use   meditation, acknowledge cultural discourses or simply see your coachee  as -anybody else, coaching in the global context always finds its best place by borrowing someone else’s lenses with a great sense of curiosity and without taking culture for granted while viewing the world.

Source: iCN Issue 2 (Business Coaching); pages 55-58