By Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland (China)

China is the second largest economy today. This means that for business it is a significant player in their success and a place not to be ignored. But on a grass roots level what does this emergence mean for business and therefore leaders and how do executive coaches contribute?

China is a market where opportunities flow in abundance. This makes it a very exciting place to be but also a place where you can easily get caught up in the energy and excitement of all possibilities and lose focus. Success stories in this market are about staying focused but flexible, having a clear strategy and then executing, basically making things happen. The speed to market here is all about making things happen. Unlike other markets, development occurs at such a speed here, that the customer is part of the process. New technologies are assembled onsite by the customer, with them playing an active role in the testing and  developing of change.

Source: iCN Issue 14 vol.1  (Marketing for Coaches); pages 51-52

About Bronwyn Bowery-Ireland

Bronwyn has worked at the executive level in many different types of organisations including the Corporate sector, government sector, non-profit, education sector – tertiary, and have set up three businesses. The latest one is Lissom Group. She has also worked in many different types of industries. All of this experience and knowledge gained has given her a passion for strategy and business ideas. She thrives on seeing business opportunities and either executing them herself or supporting others to do so.

Currently, through Lissom Group, she works with over 20 multinational organisations at the leadership level. This scope of work allows her insights into trends, changes and success in the APAC region. Bronwyn support leaders through a coaching process as they drive the agenda for their success and the organisations.

She currently lives in Shanghai and have been there for eight years, loving the dynamic environment and rapid changes occurring.