by Karolina Little (USA)

Coaching is a profession that requires specific competencies, skills and techniques. Best coaches constantly work towards mastering their approaches and tools, learning and exploring more and more so as to offer the best combination for each particular client. The more tools and techniques we master, the more confident and tangible our coaching becomes and the better the results obtained by the client.

Sometimes a new approach, tool or technique is developed and added to the ever growing coaching kit. The continuous expansion of tools which we can use to facilitate the client’s growth and success makes our industry something truly unique, rich and complex.

Another aspect of approaching the coaching tool-kit is freedom. We have the freedom to use what is in our kit based on our intuition accompanied by a solid knowledge and practice of the techniques that are specific to our profession. This makes out of coaching something equivalent to art, every session being a nonreplicable creation.

There is no right or wrong in regard to what should or should not be in our ‘coaching kit’, as long as it is used in line with the core specifics of this profession. Each coaching school has their own approaches and ways of training coaches how to do the job. And this is what makes out of our industry this unique and rich place I was drawn to in the first place.

Source: iCN Issue 29  (Business Coaching: Building your Organisation); pages 44-45