by Basile Lemba (USA)

Let’s face it. You drive a car, you learned how to, via a driving school or some teacher. You Network, chances are that you do not have a Networking License.

Why is that?

My guesses are:

  • Your state/country does not require one.
  • You never thought or imagine that you would need one.
  • You think or perhaps know that you do not need one. No one has one anyway.
  • Perhaps you should not be bothered with that. Or what for? Who needs one? Etc.…

You might be correct, after all in the US for example, one often hears ‘This is a free country!’ meaning one is free to do whatever one wants.

But would you hand the car keys to 16 years old (who has never driven) and ask them to just get in the car and drive?

My guess is that you won’t.

But this is exactly what has happened and, is happening TODAY with most people, business owners, entrepreneurs, and COACHES!


To be more precise, it requires:

  1. A correct and workable know-how and
  2. An exact and correct application of the above correct know-how to achieve the needed results!

Source: iCN Issue 36  (Using NLP in Coaching); pages 35-36

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Basile Lemba is the Founder of the Networking Institute. He spent well over 30 years in the field of networking and has developed a Proprietary Profitable Networking Method anyone can use.

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