by PaTrisha-Anne Todd

What an exciting title and one that fires ambition, shooting dreams and goals to the outer stratosphere. I am delighted to share that entrepreneurship is booming. If you have a game plan to turn your coaching into something more and impact not only those around you, your community and even further afield, then you are stepping into the wonderful world of ‘Entrepreneurial Coaching’.

The basic definition of an entrepreneur is when an individual sees an opportunity to meet an unsatisfied demand. The entrepreneur is prepared to take a calculated risk due to a strong self belief that the opportunity can yield a high ROI, return on investment of time, money and dedicated effort.

An entrepreneur has a brilliant role to fulfil in the world of enterprise and making money. They gladly engage in personal development, and, are not distracted by family, friends, and the competition in respect of creating business growth. The entrepreneur  is  prepared to work hard, smart and consistently until  a  profit is achieved alongside the desired outcome.

Source: iCN Issue 2 (Business Coaching); pages 38-39