by Cristina Burcă (Romania)

‘Life is about you, your actions, decisions, gestures and emotions’, and only when you realise this, ‘you start searching for alternative ways of being, thinking and feeling, in order to be authentically happy and fulfilled.’

Loredana Vlădăreanu, Personal & Professional Coach and Trainer based in Romania, and Author of the ‘Diary of Happiness’, spoke with iCN magazine about the role of Self-Understanding and in particular Feelings Understanding, as transformative keys in life.

You will find inside:

  • Unsupportive thoughts-emotions-behaviour patterns and their root causes,
  • Benefits of self-understanding and effective coaching tools,
  • 2 transformation stories through head & heart connection, plus
  • The impact of covid-19 pandemic to people’s self & emotional understanding.

‘Why does he say that? | Why did she do something like this? | Why do they do that?’

Loredana: When people approach me, they ask questions about others, not about themselves. They tend to find the sources of their unhappiness outside their inner selves, into society, times, other people, so they only try to understand the outside world.

Whereas the process is vice versa: it’s not about others, it’s always about ourselves.

People do or say things as they choose. Even if it is intentional, it is not others’ responsibility about how we feel. Meaning that you can realise that life is about you, your actions, decisions, gestures and emotions only when you are 100% accountable for them.  Only then, you get to ask yourself questions about how you feel, behave or think in a certain way. Only then, you start searching alternative ways of being, thinking, feeling in order to be authentically happy and fulfilled.

Source: iCN Issue 31  (Life coaching: Personal & Professional Empowerment); pages 34-37