by Anne Bachrach (USA)

One of the difficult tasks you need to accomplish in your role as a business owner is to earn the respect of your employees and clients. Being in charge is not going to get you the respect you are looking for. You have to work towards earning respect and it does not come easy. When the leader of a business is respected by one and all, the enterprise grows. The work gets done in an efficient manner, the clients stay loyal and the sky is the limit as far as success is concerned.

The issue facing many business owners is that they lack the foresight to understand that respect is directly linked to the control and authority they have over their business. Whether it is dealing with employees or clients, respect plays a key role in convincing the other party to agree with your viewpoint. Your employees do respect you from the outset. After all, you are the one providing them their livelihood and they cannot ask for more. However, over time, you have to make sure that respect stays intact.

Once you start losing respect, the house of cards can collapse very quickly. The employees are no longer determined to follow your lead. You will see that the inefficiency increases, productivity take a tumble and the overall work environment suffers. This is obviously not the position you want to be in. Even if it is only one employee who feels that way about you, it doesn’t take long for their attitude to rub off on other employees. Sooner or later, the problem can grow beyond your wildest expectations.

Source: iCN Issue 25  (Career Coaching); pages 8-10

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