Alina Tudorache (Romania)

Starting point

‘A vehicle can successfully reach its destination by having a functional characteristic, enough fuel and being driven with clarity, purpose, passion, on the most fit road for its capacity. ‘

Eliciting serves both the NLP coach and the coachee

In NLP coaching, the dynamics we use as coaches lead to our coachees’ balance. And we often do so by making them aware of where they actually place themselves in this world, why are they there, what do they belief about themselves, about others and what is their larger worldview, what do they really believe in, who they are for themselves and for others, who they belong to and why, and what is their purpose, meaning in this life.  This is how they come to realize their intention for their destination. This is the manner in which any client comes to envision the most powerful desires and the strongest blockages and limits that he or she has. Only by this opportunity to look at themselves, an NLP coach can really start to guide them towards a flow state in a focused manner.

Intention feeds motivation

Over the years, I had coachees from various fields: Arts, Banking, Politics, NGO’s, Insurances, Permaculture, Agricultural machinery, from different religious groups, or different communities.

They all thought they needed coaching. They all thought coaching would offer them direct answers, solutions and hope. Not alignment. Not congruence. Not balance. They wanted magical solutions to their blockages. I asked them all when it was time: ‘Do you really want this coaching? Are you ready to change your life and fully commit to yourself?’. Half were prepared and eager to start. The other half said that they will decide if the change is needed during or after the coaching sessions. So here comes my question, a question that I’ve addressed them, as well: ‘What’s your real intention of going through this coaching session?’. Intention is a personal contract one makes with himself/herself. The skeptical half represented people sent by specific companies they were working for, and most of them said: ‘I am perfectly comfortable with my wage and my activities within the company. Sincerely, I don’t really understand why the company sent me to these coaching sessions.’ On the other half, individuals representing minority groups, disadvantaged communities, people in Sales and Marketing, were much more opened, engaged and ready to receive coaching and transform their personal and professional life.

Source: iCN Issue 27  (Using NLP in Coaching); pages 7-9

About Alina Tudorache

Alina Tudorache is an NLP Business trainer, coach and author. She has designed and delivered premium NLP Business training and coaching over the last 12 years. Alina is also known for her Life coaching as she had the honour of guiding and supporting thousands of socially conscious entrepreneurs, coaches, counsellors, companies, and purpose driven service professionals. Over the past 4 years she has offered practical coaching directly to individuals through platforms such as Mobe Marketplace and Udemy, where she is a premium instructor.

She now holds an honourable place on the global NLP Leaderboard by creating, implementing and receiving a great feedback with the NLP Business strategies: Secret Tactics for Entrepreneurial Couples – NLP Mind Hacks©, Strategic Wealth Generator – Premium NLP Program Level 1©, Organisational Entities©, NLP Says Business©, Repatterning Trust©, Creativity Waves©, Corporate Strategies for Top Management©, NLP Generator for Professionals©.

She recently become an accredited life coach on Authentic Happiness and she’s ready to give more to the world!