International Coaching News (iCN) online magazine is excited to announce the release of our  25th edition, with the themed Career Coaching, inspired by coaches to guide coachees to maximise your personal and professional potential.

This edition is rich in content on a variety of related topics such as achieving career goals, strategies to prepare for interviews, career transitions, and includes tips & techniques used by seasoned coaches, to aid your coaching practices.

In this 25th edition, look out for the article ‘Thinking About Your Future?’ by Emma Ford from the United Kingdom. In this article, Emma discusses an easy process to follow when planning and reflecting on coachees’ future development. Another noteworthy article is the ‘5 Highlights For Successful Career Transition’ by Madlen Ivanova of Bulgaria, where Madlen enumerates the process of successfully achieving the goals & is useful when working with a client who is in the middle of a career change. ‘Coaching for Career Capital Development’ by Dr. Raija Salomaa from Finland, is an interesting read where Raija shares a closer look at the career capital framework and how it can be used in coaching. ‘Interviewing Skills’ by Ashley Gordon and Brian Tregunna from the United Kingdom, is also an enjoyable read, where they explain how to use a Coaching-based approach to help people prepare for a successful interview.

Each of our columnists, too numerous to mention individually, has taken some really interesting perspectives, and I would encourage a thorough read-through of this edition.

Just like all our other editions, this edition is not just an interesting read, but it provides you with helpful personal development ideas and professional development techniques to grow your business and improve your lifestyle.

To download, please register on the website and click MAGAZINE.  You will be prompted to fill up your information then it will directly take you to the download page.

I hope you enjoy this issue and do let us know if there are any topics you’d like to see covered in the future.