By Reginald Jackson (USA)

Everyone looks at things in different ways. Where we come from, what we have been taught, etc. can have an effect on how we form opinions. The position we take can be considered a frame of reference, or context. Our context is the lens through which we see the world. This is typically based on three elements:

  • Exposure
  • Experience
  • Expectation

These three elements also represent moments in time. Simply put, they are our past, our present, and our future. Looking at each of these elements independently may provide an objective perspective that helps us to better understand how we actually see the world. More importantly, this understanding can allow us to also better understand how the world sees us!

Source: iCN Issue 12 (Personal Coaching); pages 56-57

About Reginald Jackson
As a Personal and Business Coach, he works with individuals, as well as groups, inspiring them to move outside their comfort zone and realize their greatness. His journey up to this point is interesting and quite diverse. Having served in the Marine Corps for more than twenty years, he offers a unique blend of leadership, wisdom, and compassion. Over the span of his career, he trained, counseled, and mentored hundreds of Marines. It was during that time he developed the insight and awareness that makes him such a powerful Coach. Since retiring from the Corps in 2007, he has held leadership positions in the IT industry, to include consulting and project management. Working with others and seeing “the light come on” is especially rewarding.