By Rosana Nedelciu (ICN Journalist – Romania)

People are eager to find out about how-to recipes and success pills. And are eager to reach the top quickly, just to see that they have thousands of followers who admire their leadership qualities – but secretly envying them, to be invited as speakers where they can talk about their success, to show their worth to as many as possible and even impact the entire world… that one forget success is not a destination, but the journey itself.

The journey of finding how-to yourself, based on your uniqueness.  Realising your inner dialogues.  Projecting a positive outcome while accepting and working with limitations. How life unfolds as a long book that does not promise to give the recipe of success, but offers a great gift of using your own mind and your own path to create it. The voyage of both finding and creating the wonders that comes with being a human being.

I am lucky enough to have met and worked with real leaders. Those who are more than ”tickets” to a higher position or success.  Who are aware they can be regarded as, ordinary people. These leaders have offered me the opportunity to witness the human being in one of its wonderfully impacting manifestations.

Source: iCN Issue 11 (Executive Coaching); pages 64-66

About Rosana Nedelciu

Rosana is an HR professional with 7 years of management experience and international exposure. Expertise areas: Executive Search, Learning and Development, Internal Communications and Performance Management

Owner and creator of TheHView coaching concept (The Human View on Personal and Career Development)

Author of the book ”Mother is Love, Why do You Speak of Cancer?”