By: Ken Keis (Canada)

Deliberate Leadership is about being self-aware enough that you can be-purposefully wise, diplomatic, and intentional with competence, embracing the values (and behaviours) of accountability, reliability, and responsibility. Admittedly, there are hundreds of other definitions of leadership; they all vary somewhat in orientation, but most imply that the leadership process contains the element of influence, which is situational, in constant flux, and could be directed towards individuals, teams or organisations – all with the intent of achieving success.

Deliberate Leaders lead by personally modelling the behaviours or ways of thinking that they desire while encouraging others to courageously take the initiative to be independent in their reasoning and in doing so, transfer ownership and responsibility to others.

Deliberate Leaders are teachers, mentors, and role models – and they accomplish the majority of their results through the power of influence, not authority.

All of these aspects of influence are essential for leaders to ensure that followers will respect them and the decisions that they make. While influence is important, it is also crucial that leaders deliberately persuade their followers (through the leader’s actions) to believe that they are “Credible.”

Source: iCN Issue 11 (Executive Coaching); pages 28-31

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