As part of our programme ‘Intelligent Thingking, Intelligent Action’ in Private Banking

by Maria Biquet (Greece)

In my previous article I shared our experience with our programme INTELLIGENT THINKING INTELLIGENT ACTION in Private Banking. The purpose of the programme was to bring Energy, Innovation and Action to the team in order to increase financial results. The goal was achieved with an increase in results of up to 25% in transactions.

In this article I want to share our experience with creating teamwork and trust. In a recent meeting with the managers of the Division we received amazing feedback about the change in teamwork:

  • How the people are better bonded,
  • Work better together,
  • Are more efficient
  • And have more trust and support.

Groups and Teams

People working together usually call themselves a team. In fact, they are just a group of people that work full time or part on the same project and occasionally collaborate.

The idea of Teamwork is very significant for most organisations although it is not the reality of work. Most people simply form groups because they have to deliver on a specific project. Each person works individually and delivers their part of work without connecting or supporting the next person to deliver a common outcome. They miss the essence of the ‘team’: trust and shared goals.

From my experience with the people it is a big challenge to create, and sustain, real teams out of groups. Looking back at history and where we are today, we are in our individualistic era where people are used to work for themselves, pursuing their personal dreams, goals and targets. In our current civilisation’s doctrine work is either what I must do to survive or the space where I can thrive. There is no such idea as common goals for the community or achieving something for the common good without individual recognition. Such ideas belong to the past of the human civilisation and although people talk about them, the world is perceived through individual achievements and success.

Source: iCN Issue 31  (Life Coaching: Personal & Professional Empowerment); pages 46-48

About Maria Biquet

Maria Biquet is an experienced multilingual Business Consultant and Executive Coach with vast experience from diverse business fields, such as Banking & Financing, Automotive, Telecommunications and Education.

Maria has long experience in Strategic Marketing and in establishing companies in new markets. For more than 20 years she has studied various methodologies for self development and change including Neuroscience in Coaching, Systemic approach, Appreciative Inquiry Approach, NLP and mindfulness techniques.

She holds a University degree in Language & Linguistics, an MBA-International Marketing and is a Neurocoach certified by the NBG – Harvard School and a Master Coach certified by the CAC.

Vice President of Marketing & Communications of HCA (Hellenic Coaching Association) EMCC Greece, member of the EMCC (European Mentoring & Coaching Council). Works as a volunteer with Non Profit Organisations: Mentor at Orange Grove for startup companies and at Cherie Blair Foundation. EMCC Accredited Senior Practitioner Senior Researcher on Ethics: ‘the actual Ethical Dilemmas in Coaching today’ in collaboration with EMCC. Works in Greek, English and French.

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