By Ken Keis, MBA (Canada)

Career definition: an occupation or profession followed as a life’s work; a course or passage.

Life: a way of living; the physical and mental experiences of an individual; a specific phase or period

In the past, career professionals have suggested that we have a work or a career life and a home life and that we should consider them to be separate units.

I agree, however, with the assertion of a colleague Dr. Alan Weiss that we don’t have a separate work life and a separate home life; we simply have a life! In today’s society, drawing a line between work and home is no longer valid. I suggest that we no longer try to separate them.

The concept of working or earning a living to help fund what you really want to do is flawed. At some level, most, if not all of what a person does in life should be linked to his or her natural gifts, talents, interests, passion, and purpose. Rather than thinking about life in the context of a career path, we need to shift our thinking to our purpose in the context of our current stage in life and our desired lifestyle.

Source: iCN Issue 8 (Career Coaching); pages 17-18

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