By: Dominika Miernik (Italy)

What do you want to do when you grow up? – We often hear this question when we are young. But no one ever asks us what do you want your life to look like? I am more than sure that the answer will be very different. I think that few would opt in for a life in an office from 9 to 5 or be stuck in traffic while commuting to your day job.

I did not ask myself this question till 3 years ago when I came across a “Life First, Work Second Approach To Career Planning” © developed by Dr Valerie Young.

The formula says:

“Figure out what you want your life to look like first. Then come up with ways to generate income – hopefully, that you enjoy – that will allow you to have as much of the life you want.”

It was eye opening for me. I can create my career around my desired lifestyle! I strongly believe that we are living in times when we have this possibility to live the life you want and craft a career around your lifestyle.

Source: iCN Issue 18  (Career Coaching); pages 49-50

About Dominika Miernik

Dominika Miernik is a Career Coach & Business Idea Generator for women. She has lived in Manchester, London, Milan and Rome, and she now helps expat women to pursue their true passions as they adapt to the living in a new country. In 2015 she was named the best International Coach by The Coaching Academy.