• Professional coaches.
  • People training or seeking to train as professional coaches.
  • Individuals with an interest in coaching and personal development.
  • Managers in companies at all levels, such as HR, Organisation Development, and Learning & Development managers.
  • Leaders of organisations.
  • Entrepreneurs
  • People interested in wellness & personal development/improvement

The age range of our audience is between 25 and 65 years old, and approximately 60% are women & 40% are men.

A high percentage of our readers are multilingual.


  • Avoid infomercials (subtle or not so subtle advertising or product promotion
  • All articles should be sent in Word format
  • References. Please ensure that you provide full references for any research findings mentioned in the article.
  • Please send your bio with your submitted article. Bios should be maximum of 200 words and provide a brief summary of your practice, qualifications & publications. Do include links to your website and social media pages.
  • Please include a high-resolution colour head & a shoulder photograph of yourself.
  • With your article, please send us any drawings, tables, charts, photographs to illustrate your article. (Note: copyright permission must be obtained


  • WE ONLY ACCEPT ORIGINAL ARTICLES. All articles must be original and not published elsewhere. This is to avoid search engine penalties for duplicate content. After a period of 30 days, from the date published, authors may repost articles elsewhere as long as we are informed in advance. Repost must be tagged with the original link & source.
  • TITLE should be short & snappy, 7-9 words maximum
  • IMAGES -You can attach a featured image for your article. You must have the right to use the image with your article, and therefore we ask that you credit the image to the original source.
  • ACCURACY You as the author are responsible for the content you’ve submitted, any facts, dates, etc. should be correct and you should also spell-check your article before submitting it. Although you as the author are responsible for the article you sent us, we have the final say on headlines, illustrations & placement of articles.
  • We hold that article contributions to International Coaching News (iCN) belong to the contributors. By seeking publication in iCN you give permission to us to publish the article in different formats as required. You are free to seek publication elsewhere once the article has been published in iCN.
  • Contributors must honour our primary publication date and don’t seek simultaneous publication.
  • Contributors must cite iCN in any further publication of your article.
  • We receive many submissions than we can publish, and we often have to say no to good proposals due to limitations of space and time or because they’re not distinct enough from other pieces we have published. If we’ve passed on something you’ve submitted, please feel free to try again with another idea. If we have said no multiple times, it may mean your work isn’t a good fit for our audience.
  • Articles not published in a particular issue may be kept on file for future consideration.
  • PLAGIARISM The act of using or citing someone else’s work without permission or credit/attribution is plagiarism. Whether the information was obtained from a newspaper article, book, or an Internet site, the following details must be provided: the author’s name, publication name, and date of publication. This is an added benefit, providing such details allows readers to go directly to the source if they need more information.
  • REVIEW PROCESS. The review process will take three weeks or more upon receipt of the article. Once the review process is complete, Contributors will be notified if their article has been selected for publication by email.
  • Author Compensation iCN does not pay contributors.


  • Articles should be a minimum of 300 words, maximum of 1500 words/ a maximum of 2 A4 size pages in Georgia font size 11 with single line spacing.
  • Articles must be written in UK English.
  • Articles should be submitted in MS Word format.
  • Font Style: Georgia
  • Font Size: 11
  • Paragraph Style: Justified
  • Title of Article:
  • Font Style: Georgia (bold)
  • Font Size:12
  • Centralised
  • We also accept articles written in other languages (Romanian, Polish, Turkish, Hungarian, Bulgarian & Spanish)

Please browse previous issues of the magazine online to get an idea of the variety of content & style.

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