Conscious Living and Co-Creation

Ancient and Modern Teachings for a Fulfilled Life

By Cristina Burca (Romania)

A Fulfilled Life is largely perceived by the feeling of accomplishment in the major life areas, such as career/vocation, family, relationships, health, finances etc. With this end in mind and urged by the last two years, which invited us to live more consciously, 28 Romanian Speakers, coaches, trainers, teachers and authors, joined forces and co-created in March 2022 the online Summit – ‘Create Life Consciously. Wisdoms for a Fulfilled Life’ – in which they harnessed modern and ancient teachings in 12 life areas. iCN contributor, initiator and moderator of the summit, invited the 28 speakers to summarise their teachings for the benefit of the global audience. Brief and practical advice, covering the areas of:

  1. Holistic Health
  2. Conscious Thinking. 5D Human
  3. Education and Family Relationships
  4. Relationships and Communication
  5. Practical Spirituality. Inner-outer Balance
  6. Career/Business and Finances.
  7. Plus, the Numerologist perspective of a 6-day Summit in a year of 6 (2022), brought by the event organiser, numerologist and trainer.

Let’s begin!

  1. Holistic Health

iCN: Conscious Nutrition practical advice:

Adelina Roșu, Holistic Nutritionist: A main idea that we can apply to each meal is to turn it into a meditation, paying attention step by step to the 5 senses: visual, tactile, olfactory, taste and hearing. Applying this mindful eating technique, each meal will become a unique experience full of meaning, aroma, and presence.

Daciana Sabău, Brain nutrition Coach: Each time we serve a meal, we make a choice for how we are going to feel, perform and how we shape our internal biology. Brain health depends on our food choices.

A healthy-brain menu should consist in: Healthy fats, foods rich in omega-3 (e.g. nuts, salmon, chia seeds, flaxseeds, caviar, hemp seeds); Smart carbs to provide long-term energy for our brain and body (e.g. fruits, vegetables, whole cereals), and Proteins, foods that contain amino acids that nourish the brain (organic animal protein and vegetable proteins). Healthy habits created gradually, repeated consistently, adapted to each person’s lifestyle, will bring healthy long-term results. Our brain is nourished by our food.

iCN: Holistic Health practical advice: 

Nadia Buju, Holistic health & business Coach:  Physical illnesses are symptoms of a strong imbalance in our bodies. To heal, we must become aware that we are responsible for our own health and wellbeing. Everyone has innate healing powers.

Mihaela Steinbring, Reiki therapist, Aromatherapist: Inner peace is our natural state, our inner treasure. When you are at peace with yourself no matter what happens from the outside, you have developed the ability to speak softly, with patience and respect for yourself and your needs, as well as for those around you.

Valentina Pleye, Hatha Hridayayoga Trainer: Patanjali said: ‘We have to be like the Gardeners. The warehouse is planted by the things we do.’ The ‘warehouse’ is our mind: the garden, the place where we plant the seeds. The seeds are our thoughts, actions, or words. They turn into a seed, a seed that will determine how we will see our world later. We harvest what we plant. We plant what we want to reap, and we take care of what we plant with devotion and joy, so we can enjoy the fruits. Let’s be like the gardeners: to water through the practice of yoga the seeds of health, vitality, joy of life, power, action, patience (until the seeds sprout), willpower, confidence, calm, detachment, and of smiling.

Source: iCN Issue 38  (Life Coaching: Professional Growth & Direction); pages 17-24

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Cristina Burcă has contributed to iCN magazine since 2014, with international leaders and coaches’ interviews. She is an online communication specialist, guiding solopreneurs in their journey, so they can scale with clarity, authenticity and balance. Cristina brings in an international acumen and vision, combining communication tools with ancient wisdom techniques that help the individual to leverage their authenticity, bring clarity in their online communication strategy, and scale without burning out. Cristina’s activity, on: