by Christine Charles (United Kingdom)

Coaching, what is it? That’s certainly the question I was asking almost a decade ago whilst searching for my purpose in life. I always knew that I wanted to help others, but didn’t know what that would look like, so I happily bumbled along in life until the point of questioning myself and life. At the time my answer was to run away and go travelling. Running away never answers questions – as I discovered later!

I stumbled  upon a book by Tony Robbins  called Awaken The Giant Within, this was a turning  point  in my life, I  started  to connect  with myself & a deeper level not quite understanding what was happening and took courage  to seek out help in the form of counselling, it was within the first 30 minutes of my first and only counselling session that the councilor suggested  I  seek coaching  rather  than  counselling, at the time I found myself asking ‘what’s the difference?”

Source: iCN Issue 1 (Maiden Issue); pages 4-5