by Malcolm Nicholson, ICN journalist (UK)

The last two decades have seen a cascading of business coaching out of the C-suite offices to C-Suite teams, leaders and leadership teams and more recently the awareness in enlightened organisations that a coaching culture within the business actually works. There is also a continuing cascade from FTSE companies to medium and small enterprises and public and third sector organisations. There is also a greater synergy with mentoring (see Executive Coaching: Transforming an Employee into a Leader – Enter the Mentoring Coach by Gary R. Gasaway in edition 20 of ICN) and a richer palette of interventions required by businesses.

The change from ‘spot interventions’ – with a chosen or self selected key individual –  to larger programmes, has typically focussed on impacting business results by changing individual (or small groups) behaviours.  As the UK journalist for ICN, I am always on the lookout for individuals or companies that are ‘moving the dial’ as far as the coaching industry is concerned. Consequently, I recently spoke with Mark Baxter, Principal and Company Coaching Service Lead at Coachdirectors. Mark and CoachDirectors have developed a methodology called Company Coaching, which takes a standard coach’s tool – 360 feedback – and applies it through both an internal and external lens to identify gaps between aspiration and capability at a company wide level. This then focuses on optimising the operating model of an entire business to build momentum and drive sustainable value to the whole organisation.

Source: iCN Issue 21 (Business Coaching); pages 11-13

About Malcolm Nicholson

Malcolm Nicholson is the owner and Coaching Director for Aspecture, and has worked successfully with a wide range of senior business people for over 15 years, enabling them to improve business results through transformational changes. To find out how he can help your organisation contact him at or on +44 1932 267597.