An Observation on the Available Data regarding Coaching at Work

by Iulia Sorescu (Romania)

Companies today are calling for coaching to help them increase their performance, retain talent, improve work related behaviour, enhance cooperation and communication between co-workers and transform their key-performers into leaders. All these benefits of coaching are mostly anectodical. Behavioural changes are hard to measure in terms of monetary value, thus there is no clear data for ROI of coaching yet.

But no matter the ROI, some companies are using external coaching now and then, some others are committed to building a coaching culture. Some companies are using executive coaching, and some are willing to use coaching for their employees.

“At Frontline Education, the process of coaching employees is woven into our core values. One value specifically states that we will invest in our employees through mentoring and professional development” said McDermott, HR business partner at Frontline Education.

Current demand for coaching in the workplace

The current demand for soft-skills development and the need to adapt to constant changes, placed coaching in the workplace on the rise. This can be evidenced by the increase in the number of studies on the topic of organisational coaching, such as the studies conducted by ICF from 2014 – Building a Coaching Culture (2014), Building a Coaching Culture for Employee Engagement (2015) and Building a Coaching Culture for Managers and Leaders (2016). In addition to these, ICF last global survey (2016), devoted an entire section to managers using coaching skills.

Source: iCN Issue 20 (Executive Coaching); pages 19-21

About Iulia Sorescu

Life vision & enhancement coach with a passion for combining coaching with visual arts techniques

Iulia offers life coaching for high-flyer Millennials to transform their dreams into reality. The combination between goals setting and self-esteem boost with the visual arts is a perfect fit to keep them motivated and inspired. Using creative tools in her practice, she makes sure that the process of self-discovery is appealing and engaging.