by Gary Gasaway (USA)

In my practice as a professional life coach, one of the most common areas of conflict regarding my clients is living a complicated, stressful life. To combat this undesirable living condition, I focus my attention and coaching efforts to have the client first; acknowledge themselves, second; believe in their abilities, and then lastly; selecting and using the right values and virtues to live a simple, but a much more effective life. Then, together, we discover how important personal values are in leading a happier and more fulfilling life. The fact is, it is our individual values; if used effectively, that initiates a focus upon being our best in all situations.

Values-based living is a life that includes the use of the right values and certain codes of ethics, that create essential personal acknowledgement, then is transformed into action-oriented responses that leads us down the path to a happier and more fulfilling life. These responses act as our inner voice of what’s right regarding our thoughts and the way in which we behave intentionally using our own personal values. It is these personal values that become our primary beliefs. Further, it is these same primary beliefs that become our values-based living environment. It’s these values-based approach that acts as a guide regarding decision-making abilities that leads to responsive behaviours that are integrated into our daily lives.

First, yet utmost important, is for the client to acknowledge and value themselves. It only makes sense that we must value ourselves to make the best of the values we hold on to. So, we start with valuing ourselves. Once I coach my clients to value themselves, we then move to self-acceptance, valuing others, and lastly, choosing the right values theses clients want to live by.

Source: iCN Issue 26  (Life Coaching); pages 

About Gary Gasaway

Gary is the founder of Conflict Coaching Solutions, LLC, a professional life coaching business that focuses on inspiring individuals, couples, and/or groups to transform their conflictive situations into positive solutions.

Before creating his company, Gary was a “corporate coach” for a large utility in Southern California. During his 32 years with this company, Gary designed and developed several coaching courses and workshops that he facilitated to supervisors and managers throughout the company.

Gary also has written and published three books; The Coach’s Chronicles Trilogy. For additional information regarding Gary and his business or books, go to: