by Alessandra Patti (Switzerland)

It is a fact that, in the coaching world, there are indeed many coaching techniques to use. However, my experience in coaching has shown me that one of the best tools to use is to CREATE RAPPORT with the client. The majority of ‘haha’ moments in the client come from the fact that he/she really trusts you as a coach and personal development journey companion.

When we talk about trust, we do not mean seeing the coach as a ‘god’ or that the coach is on a pedestal, but actually the opposite. Being approachable as a coach, and showing your human side and your weaknesses are certainly of help. With this, I don’t mean that you should vent your problems to the coachee or being emotional every time you have a session. I mean that you don’t have to use perfection as a tool to be seen as an authority from your client. You can be considered the authority in your field, but with another human being, you must stay as humble as possible. This human being is in need of help.

Source: iCN Issue 23 (Coaching Tools, Tips & Techniques); pages 101-102

About Alessandra Patti

Alessandra is originally from Italy, resides in Zurich, Switzerland, where she founded her Coaching company, FindYourWay. She is an accredited practitioner coach (Noble Manhattan Ltd)S, but also an author (she co-authors a great book on coaching exercises called “Activate your Life- 50 Transformational Exercises from Coaches around the world”, available on Amazon). She also has a master’s degree in Languages & Translation and 2 more diplomas in Marketing and Psychology.