By Martin Goodyer (United Kingdom)

Is it group coaching or team coaching, and does it matter what it’s called?

Coaching ‘one to one’ is both a skill and an art; it takes many hours of training in the use of communication techniques and understanding important aspects of human behaviour and psychology. Coaching ‘one to many’ is even more of a skill and requires an artful approach that walks a fine line between coaching and other facilitative disciplines. It’s confusing – even for coaches. Ask twenty coaches the difference between team and group coaching and you may well get twenty different answers.¬† The confusion isn’t helped by business professionals buying the service. Recently I received a phone call that went something like this:

“Hi Martin, it’s John here. You coached my colleague Sarah and she speaks very highly of you so, I was wondering if you did anything with teams and team building?”

“Good to speak with you John; do you mind me asking…what specifically are you wanting to achieve from a team event?”

“Well, I’ve got eight people in my team and we need to do something to improve performance.”

Source: iCN Issue 5 (Leadership Coaching); pages 10-11