By Natasha Old (Australia)

Coaching Kinesiology is adapted by utilising the power of the mind in conjunction with theories of energetic medicine. It is a specialised form of Health and Wellness Coaching requiring the additional skills of kinesiology infused into traditional coaching method. Coaching kinesiology holds that there are many parts of our being that cannot be accessed through coaching alone including our energetic being or spiritual being. Although interchangeably our thoughts affect our body and emotions, an additional method that can communicate with our energy can complement coaching  Kinesiology is a stress release system of healthcare based on eastern ‘energetic’ systems of medicine and western knowledge of physiology. Kinesiology is based on profound methods of healing that have their strength in 5000 years of historical theory and practice. For thousands of years cultures have delved into energetic forms of healing as mainstay, it was only in the advent of biomedicine that science became the epitome of healing beliefs in the Western world and seeping into the eastern world. Since that time most forms of healing have stayed with evidence based systems of medicine.

Source: iCN Issue 6 (Personal Style & Wellness Coaching); pages 44-46