By Barbara J. Cormack (France)

It is not leadership from any one person that is required; it is an aspect of leadership each of us summons from within. In this respect, the same qualities we have sought in one person can be found distributed among many people who learn, in the community, to exercise their “leadership” at appropriate moments. This occurs when people are vitally concerned about issues or when executing their responsibilities. Leadership thus becomes a rather fluid concept focusing on those behaviours which propel the work of the team forward.  John Nirenberg (1993) in the Framework research, undertaken by Michigan State University Extension in 1994.

What this means is that they have determined that leadership has moved from being individual-centred to being more collective-centred, which moves from a packaged curriculum to an evolving, customised education process focused on building relationships.

Source: iCN Issue 14 vol.1`  (Marketing for Coaches); pages 15-17

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